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April 5 community members from Naggo Head, journeyed to the University of Technology (UTech) to begin their training in community development. Today, they were being trained in testing & administering data collection tool.

Jam-Habitat believes that sustainability is achieved only by building the capacity of residents of the communities we work in. As such, we partnered with the UTech to offer training and award certificate/credits to participants who complete training (classroom and field).

The experience of the university setting is to make the reality of a tertiary education to residents much more accessible and to build esteem, while putting residents in a position to solve their own problems as a community. This was one of my proudest moments, and I am encouraged by the engagement of each one of them. The 20 participants will make up the team of field researchers for JamHabitat’s land tenureship/regularisation project and redevelopment plan for Naggo Head.

JamHabitat continues to build resilience and capacities for emerging disasters in vulnerable communities.