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Background of Newland

Data compiled by the Mona Geo-Informatics Institute at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in 2012 indicated that Portmore ranked ahead of over 800 areas most at risk to the effects of extreme disasters.

Newlands is less developed than other communities in terms of public infrastructure and development, Newlands is located in a lowland area compared to surrounding districts, and is highly prone to flooding. Hurricane Sandy (2012), Hurricane Dean (2008) and Hurricane Ivan (2004) damaged / destroyed homes and disrupted service provision throughout Newlands. Community members note inadequate drainage system, poorly constructed sanitation infrastructure, improper disposal of garbage, and lowland topography increase vulnerability and risk exposure. Atypical, Newlands is dominated by 55% female-headed households. Also unique is shelter typologies – 50% of houses are wooden structures and 30% cement block. An estimated 60% of households own their home; 8% of households rely on public water tap for their household needs while the majority of household have public water.